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How to decorate a house on a small budget?

No need to go broke to refresh your home! Kitchen, bedroom but also sofa and radiator, everything is good to dare a cheap and simple makeover.

Whether it is a new or old house or apartment, your house or apartment can be completely renovated and look fantastic, even at a low cost.

Here are some tips to help you decorate without overspending:


Indeed, donating your furniture can be a good solution not only will you save space but you will also do a good deed. There are several organisations that deal with the recovery of old furniture, such as Emmaus or the Salvation Army. They will remove your old items free of charge and even provide you with a receipt so that you can deduct these donations from your taxes.

You can also organize a yard sale to get rid of your old items but also raise some money for your next furniture.

Finally, sell them, it will allow you to make room at home while earning money.


There is no secret. To change your decoration at a lower cost, the best ways are to do it yourself and with what you already have, whether in furniture or materials. Between the old buffet inherited from your grandmother and your first student purchase, the old furniture that accumulates is a golden opportunity to change without throwing away and avoid overspending.

All you have to do is redesign them. A new colour, a modernised detail, a fabric covering or a patina are sometimes enough to give a second life to furniture considered obsolete.


To bring more design and trend to the interior of the house, you can choose the decoration at mini prices. It is a question of using online shops to find decoration tools at discount prices. Promotions as well as end of series are available in online sales and you can take advantage of these mini price offers to bring more clarity and design to your home.

In addition, you can find items for the home also during the sales.


Give yourself a sum of money for a period of time to respect and stick to it.

It is always better to have a slightly flexible budget, because good deals never stay very long.

In yard sales or at the flea market you can easily negotiate for better prices, especially for items that are more expensive than the average.

You can also borrow money from a bank to have money directly in your bank account. To do this you can use a loan comparator like Matchbanker that will allow you to group all the loans that exist on the market in one place.

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